Ann & Kristy: Our Google Adventure

What do you do when you don’t know something? You google it of course! There is so much more to Google than being the world’s most popular search engine. As the Jr. Economic Club Student Ambassadors for this year, we were given the exciting opportunity to tour the Google Toronto Office, explore their work environments and learn about what goes on behind the scenes.

As one of the largest innovative leaders in the world, Google has strategically designed their workspace to be as flexible, inspiring, friendly and creative for workers to be consistently efficient. From daily buffet meals freshly served by professional chefs and numerous colourful breakout rooms, to pool tables, mini putting, music rooms and even the gym, our personal favourite was the secret room that is revealed when you remove a specific book from the bookshelf. Not only does the office have different customizable work environments, but it also provides the technology to make meetings more convenient for both employees and customers of Google.  

It was also neat to see the different parts that make up Google. The majority of the departments in the Toronto office involve marketing. With Google’s massive database, their marketers help companies increase their web presence on the search engine. As technology and software continues to advance quickly, Google ensures to update all their partners with occasional training sessions so that their company can keep up as well.

Touring Google has definitely been one of many incredible experiences we’ve had with the Jr. Economic Club. We learned that it is important to know the basics of programming, as in the coming years coding will be the language that people primarily use. The future is digital, and Google is at the forefront paving the way.

-Kristy & Ann, Jr. EC Ambassadors